As part of our effort to provide clients with the best possible service, we seek to provide fast response on quotes and streamlined application processing to enhance the ease of doing business with BrentRe. One way to enhance the process is to ensure that the initial submission is complete and offers information to address any potential underwriting or claims related issue at the beginning of the process. Please refer to the checklist below which details the information we need in order to expedite a quote and secure the best terms for you.

Submission Requirements

Workers’ Compensation

  • Fully completed Excess or Large Deductible Application
  • Fully completed Employee Concentration Worksheet
  • Payroll history by class code for the last ten years
  • Loss Runs for the past ten years valued within 90 days
  • Detailed Description for all losses over $50,000
  • Latest audited financial statement

Please send all applications and materials to the attention of:
Dawn Wilson
Vice President
Direct 615.565.6495
Fax 615.263.1305